About Us I Preventive Maintenance Support Services

About Us I Preventive Maintenance Support Services

About Us

I started this company in 1994 after leaving Sharp as an electrical engineer followed by four years as a pickle farmer. I know those two careers are far apart, but life can take you to strange places. I intended on being a commercial roofing consultant to avoid the headache caused by many employees and heavy equipment. The Army Corps of Engineers developed an Engineered Management System (EMS) named ROOFER that prescribes repairs and determines how much longer the roof will last by executing them and determining when it is a waist to repair anymore. (Read more about the Army Corps of Engineers ROOFER program here.) So, I named the company Preventive Maintenance Support Services not something like Kristian Irr Roofing. I convinced myself that I would be paid handsomely by saving multi property owners boat loads cash staving off expensive re-roofs. I could not have been more wrong. No mater how important a roof is, it is low on the priority list. So, owners and managers seek inexpensive repairs leaving spendable money to more favorite projects.

In 1994 data was inexpensive and my engineering background allowed me to use it handily and find large property owners. They were not really interested in a management program but always needed to fix the roof leak in the breakroom. I was ultimately relegated to making the repairs. It turned out that there were a lot of incredibly old commercial roofs in 1994. The building code was not molded by high wind events, as it is today, and it allowed for what we now see as bad practices. Because of my ability to easily find owners and the condition of the South Florida roofing inventory was poor, we grew fast.

We were always concerned that a drought would have a severe negative impact on a roofing company and so in the late 90’s we began to diversify into other construction trades. That move turned out to be a great idea in the 2008 market crash. While we did have to downsize, we were able to stay solvent working on a diverse diet of work in a multitude of trades.

Quality Control at PMSS

There are three things contractor loose sleep over (besides losing money).

  1. Employee safety is #1. Your heart sinks when someone is injured and there is a bunch of blow back, not to mention you have one less guy to get things done.
  2. Collateral damage to a customer’s property. That can be big like rainwater damage during a re-roof or trampling on the flower in the front yard. Whatever the damage it sours the relationship a spark the beginning of a larger problem.
  3. Poor quality workmanship is a nightmare and must be avoided at all costs. If bad work is found, either during or after the work, the customer loses all trust and confidence. It won’t matter what we tell them, it will be assumed a lie.

At PMSS we find full time supervision to be the solution to ensuring perfect work on every job. But it is too costly to park a full time non-working supervisor on each job, with each crew. Our solution is to use the internet. We affix way-points at critical junctures and have our team leaders email pictures with a job number for the contract. The emails are picked up by our proprietary cloud application and stored on a web page. Our management team monitors the pictures propagating in real time. I can be anywhere and simply watch the work in progress on my cell phone and be comfortable we are getting what we need. Even better, we give the client a link to the web page the day we start. And the client can also watch the work, in real time, on their phone all day long. If they have questions or concerns they simply call the office and we can straiten it out. We make you part of the management team.

We maintain the following Florida State Construction Licenses

  • State Certified Building Contractor CBC 1257846
  • Sate Certified Roofing Contractor CCC 057583
  • State Certified Air-Conditioning Contractor CAC 1817655
  • Environmental Protection Agency 610139395020
  • State Certified Mold Assessor MRSA 2322
  • State Certified Mold Remediator MRSR 2513
  • Kristian Irr State Licences


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