Cost to Replace Soffits and Fascia Boards

Cost to Replace Soffits and Fascia Boards

Cost to Replace Fascia Boards and Soffits

Fascia boards and soffit not only add esthetical value to your house. It also helps to protect your house especially on it’s upper sides. Such as the roof and surroundings. How much is the cost to replace fascia boards and soffit?



Fascia and Soffit are just like Batman and Robin. These two are usually attached to each other and they also protect the roof in top of it.

Sometimes people get confused between fascia and soffit. Since these elements are usually built together. The easiest way to differ between these two is quite simple.

Basically, fascia is a strip that builds horizontally which covers the end of rafters. When you see the under of your roof, that’s where fascia is located. Another simple way to differentiate fascia and soffits is usually, fascia are used to become the base where the gutter is placed.

On the other hand, soffits are placed on the bottom of the fascia. It is also located to the outer parts of the house wall.

These two elements are really beneficial for the protection of your house and property. They keep your exterior parts from pests such as birds, squirrels, and so on. It also adds more ventilation from outside by adding extra air flow into your attic.

It also protects your roof and surroundings from weather changes such as heat, rain, and snow.


Average Cost to Replace Fascia Boards and Soffit

As you know by now, fascia including fascia boards and soffit are really important to protect the exterior parts of your house. Without these two elements, your property, especially parts of your roof can be easily damaged by any cause and circumstances.

Before you start to do replacement, it’s important to know how much the average cost is.

The average price range to replace fascia boards and soffits is between $2,300 up to $6,000.

Keep in mind that this price range is only a general range to consider. Because to do this kind of job, in the low end you might start the price from as low as $600, and the high end cost is at $6,000.


Cost to Replace Fascia Boards and Soffits Based on Per Linear Foot

All of your house parts and size is different from others houses and buildings. So, to get to know how much the cost easier, you might want to know per linear foot cost to do fascia and soffits replacement.

Depending on what materials you want to use, and also the level of complexity, you might expect the average cost of $6 up to $20 / linear foot.

So if you want to replace your fascia and soffits with 250 linear feet size, you can consider the cost range is between $1,500 up to $5,000. If you take the middle numbers of that cost, you can expect $2,500 for the replacement cost.

Some breakdown for you to consider when you want to replace fascia boards and soffit is how much does the low end and the high end cost.

For both fascia and soffits, you can expect the low end cost per linear foot at $6, with total cost around $1,500. The average cost per linear foot is $10, with a total cost around $2,500. And for the high end cost per linear foot is $20, with a total cost around $5,000.


  1. The Cost for Fascia Only

Sometimes you want to only replace the fascia. First thing you should consider is the material price. AS for fascia boards, the price per linear foot of it is around $1 up to $20 per foot.

These prices are based on the type of materials you choose. If you choose wood as the most common materials, you can expect a price range from $1 up to $3 per foot. If you choose vinyl, it’s price ranges from $5 up to $8. Aluminum is around $8 up to $20, PVC is around $3 up to $7. Fiber cement fascia boards are around $1 up to $5 per sq. foot.

Other materials you can choose are composite, at $1 up to $8 per linear foot.


  1. The Cost of Fascia Replacement

As for the replacement job, you need to consider labour costs in your budget. For this kind of job, the labour cost per linear foot are from $6 up to $20. If you have a common house size with 300 linear feet of soffits, you may need 10 to 13 hours for the labour to do the work.

These labour costs can start from $800 up to $1,400. It is best for you if you add $120 up to $150 extra for additional equipment or supply needs.


  1. The Cost of Soffits

Soffits, like fascia, are also made from a variety of materials. The materials you can choose from vinyl, aluminum and also wood.

For the cost per section of vinyl, the price is from $14 up to $23. Aluminum is from $10 up to $22. If you want to use PVC, the cost per square foot is $6 up to $12.

For soffits made from wood board, the cost per section is $14 up to $22. You also want to add soffits vent for $3 up to $5 per square foot.


  1. The Cost of Soffits Replacement

Just like the cost needed to replace fascia boards, you need to consider the labour cost from $1.50 up to $3 per foot.

For further consideration, let’s say you want to replace 250 linear feet of soffits. The cost you need to prepare is from $600 up to $1,000.



When you want to replace fascia boards and soffits, there are some costs you need to consider. From the materials you want to use, all the way into labour cost per linear foot. You also need to consider the complexity of the work needed, supplies, and also how far is the location of your property from your contractor sites.

For the best price estimation, you can contact a professional contractor and ask anything you want to know.

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