How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Skylight

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Skylight

The outer parts of your property have some element on it. Let’s take a look at the roof. The roof is giving you protection from weather, temperature, and even little debris.

And you can apply some elements on it. For instance, to make some improvement on the lighting inside your house, you can build a skylight.

Skylights have some benefits for you. Not only to add more beauty, skylight can give more light inside your house.

So you can save more money for electricity consumption. When the sun is out, you can keep your light out. You just give the task to shine your room to the skylights.


But Everything Good Will End

So does the skylight. Years after years, after rain, summer, snow and maybe some animals step on it, the skylights can start to leak.

Not only that, even if the structure is still strong enough, your skylight can have some uninvited guest on it.

Those can be mold, fungus, or moisture from the water seepage.

Skylight can have some problems since it is located at the top parts of your house. And also it is in the middle of two different structure components. It is the ceiling and also your roof.

We already know what happens in the ceiling right? Ceiling is the least part of property we visit or clean.

After time, the condition of the ceiling inside and roof outside will deteriorate the skylight.


Can I Repair The Skylight?
Yes, you can repair, fix, or even replace the old skylight with the new one.

But here are some thoughts on how much it cost. Budget is your main consideration to make. Because skylights have their own uniqueness. From where it is located and also the materials on it.

You must be very careful for the safety of the job. Prevent any safety threat from the potentially broken glass, the slope of the roof, and the weather condition when the work is done.

After you take on safety measures, now you can start to repair your skylight.

The next question is:


How Much Repairing Skylight Will Cost?

There are different costs to repair a skylight. Here are some considerations you can put in mind when you need to do a repair job.

The average national cost if you want to repair a skylight is around $800 or $850. The cost range from the low end is $150, and the high end can reach $2,500.

But if you only need to replace the window, you may need to prepare $380 up to $1,200.

Common skylight problem is leaking. When you find some leaks on your skylight you can repair the damage.

Remember the leaks can also come from the corroded seal between the frame and the glass pane. If this is the problem you face, then you should prepare to pay the cost around $300 - $800.

Skylight, similar to a window, also uses a frame as the structure to hold the glass. If the problem comes from it’s frame, you can replace the frame. To do frame repair you may need $150 - $600.


Cost to Remove Skylight

Maybe you wonder what else you can do besides repair the skylight? Repairing can bring some factors to consider, and after time you or maybe your next generation or future owner of your property must do repair…. Again.

If you don’t want to face any future problems related to skylight, you can just simply remove the skylight.

You can replace it with roof tile, or other alternatives. Such as solar panels, a $400 up to $1,000 solar tube, or anything you want to install.

So, how much will the removal of the skylight cost? The cost is around $110 up to $250 for the work needed.

The number here is mainly to pay labour or workers. But you need to add more if you want to install the skylight replacement which has already been mentioned above, i. e roof tile, solar tube, etc.


DIY Suggestions

If you ask “Can I fix or remove the skylight on my own?” The answer is quite diverse. First thing you should consider is do you have previous experience on fixing roofs or other parts at the top of your house?

Just like the roof, chimneys, gutter, or any other parts that are placed at the top, there are some challenges if you want to fix or apply change on it.

If you really want to fix or remove skylight by yourself, here are some consideration you should keep in mind:

  • Safety is a must. You must check and double check prior to doing any repair or removal job. Make sure you have the right safety tool. You also need to check how the weather will be when you start to do the job. Any protection tools and safety kit is the one you should have first.
  • Check the area. How is the roof slope? If you have past experience related to roof repair or replacement, you have one step forward. But you must also know that the condition may be differ from the last time you checked in. For instance, the humidity, or there is a possibility that mold may already grow, etc.
  • Prepare the tools. You must understand which tools for which parts. If you need to fix the frame, you must prepare drill, glue, and a new frame for instance.


The Best Way To Remove Skylight

By all consideration and preparation you must do, we suggest that the best option is you call professionals to do the job.

Removing the skylight has its own challenge. From the beginning of preparation, until the completion of the job has so many aspects on it.

Preventive Support experienced in any roof repair will help you to remove skylight anytime, anywhere. Just visit our website to get in touch with us.

We will give you the best tools and the best unit with the best price!

Don’t risk yourself to fix or remove skylight, just sit tight and relax while we doing it for you!

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