What Is A Steel Roofing Solution To The Modern Material


Let Us Get to Know More About STEEL ROOFING SOLUTION


Steel roofing solution or tiles is a solution in which the roof is made of steel as the primary material. It is very stylish modern material roofing. Most people choose frame and steel roofing, not only because they are attractive. But also the quality of steel roofing itself, that is not comparable. It has incredibly lightweight, cost-effective, quick, easy to install and most important, it is more durable, sturdier and can withstand different types of weather conditions.

Thanks to these advantages, steel roofing can increase the value of your building. It has low maintenance and durability.

As you know, steel is an alloy. It is made of Iron and another element. Compared to other types of roofing metal, steel is the least expensive. In the market, also the price of steel is way lower than aluminum, zinc and copper. That is the reason why steel is more affordable and available than any other roofing metal.

Steel is the most common material you can find on any commercial construction site and often in residential buildings. Most steel now is recycled material rather than new. It shows how steel has excellent recyclability and the availability of most metal roofing types.

Steel Roofing Solution Has Three Primary Types: Galvanized, Galvalume, and Weathering Steel

Let us explain them one by one of primary types steel roofing solution. 

    • Galvanized steel created by using a layer of Zinc to protect the inner layer from corrosion. This coating layer will extend the steel panel durability and slow the corrosion process. The most common steel roofing material is galvanized steel.


    • Galvalume steel is remarkably like galvanized, but it uses a combination of aluminum and zinc instead of primarily using only zinc as a coating layer. It protects better the steel against corrosion in a particular environment compare to Galvanized and better surface protection. It also gives a smoother and smaller spangle, so it looks more similar. The disadvantage of this aluminum coating is that it causes galvalume more vulnerable to scratches or cut edges.


    • Weathering steel is the type of steel that was design for more substantial steel industries, for example, bridge construction. Weathering steel has an outer layer that is designed purposely to stop produced rusting on the outer layer of the steel. And then it will protect the inner layer from corrosion. This type has a similar process as aluminum in the patina process, but it takes a longer time consuming to process compared to aluminum. Weathering steel does the rusting purposely and is not designed as a structural solution such as steel roofing. It usually intended to be used as an accent roof or some other project with a better understanding of the rusting process and regular maintenance.

    Steel roofing has more improvement quality in these last several years and can be an excellent comparison to cooper, Zinc and expensive metal roofing material. As it can create more options in painting solution or style to match the natural patina of copper, Zinc, or even weathered steel.

    It has an extended warranty and more opportunity to choose for remodeling and restoration of the roof.

Why is Steel Good Roofing Material?

Steel is more advantageous than other metal roofing material because of its flexibility and lower cost. Other metal has a higher price than steel, so steel roofing has been the primary solution for residential and commercial projects. In the future, steel holds a great prospect to become the trend. 

Now, people choose the more recycling option and steel roofing is highly recyclable and easily accessible. It is also high weather durability; it can survive most of the weather conditions because it is the hardest metal options among other metal roofing material. No worry about high wind and hail. It can be a great option in the area with high snow volumes and even prone to hail. 

From most metal roofing options material, a steel roofing solution is a rather most common choice for a home owner or even as commercial builds. And now, when most people are talking about roofing, mostly they refer to galvanized steel.

Let Us Look More Profoundly About Why Steel Roofing Solution is A Better Option as Roofing

As steel roofing solution itself, It offers roof coated steel which can adapt to most roofing design and guttering application including:

profiles and sandwich panels, roofing with tile or slate patterns, standing seam roofs, energy-saving roofing, and even rainwater system. 

Some companies/manufacture can provide this type of sandwich panels as it called all-in-one steel roofing solutions. As it is water tight, insulated, and ready to install. It has well organic coated steels which are selected especially for this all-in-one application. When roofing with tile or slate patterns, a steel roofing solution can easily measure up to tiles or slate for roofing.

The extensive options of paints and intrinsic qualities of coated steel make it possible to provide traditional roof element shape. As steel roofing, it is lighter than classic ceramic tiles yet strong and hard. Steel solutions can offer the same look like tiles, but it can simplify the process of building the roof frame. The steel used for structural and framing applications purposely need to be durable and extremely resistant to corrosion.

It is also resistant to fire and pest. Some manufactures steel frame for roofing solution, provide steel frame that has a corrosion-resistance coating that ensures optimal surface protection again long term wear, tear, and protection over cut-edge, high standard galvanized steel. 

Steel roofing solutions provide dryness of the building

In a standing seam roof system, steel roof strips can be assembled on the site of the steel strips, and this can be combined with more sophisticated aesthetics with complex shapes and ideal for modern and traditional roof styles. Choosing steel roofing is important as the steel itself plays an essential rule in energy generation applications. It can reduce the energy consumption of the building. Like resist the solar radiation or protect from unwanted heat loss from the building. 

Steel roofing solutions provide dryness of the building. With a standardized coated steel roof, it is designed to be functional and remove water from the ceiling. It keeps the interior of your building dry and keeps the aesthetic of the roof well maintained. A steel roofing solution is an excellent option for both quality and cost-efficiency. Steel roofing is outstanding in weathering corrosion resistance and color stability. 

Each metal roofing material has its advantages and disadvantages. So, when to compare in the steel to Zinc, copper, or even aluminum roofing, choose the right one based on the installer you select, location of your building and strains that will be put on the roof. Do not forget to hire a professional roofing contractor who can do individually for the specific metal that you choose. 

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